Feb 23, 2007

Outreach programme at Kalaimagal Kalvi Nilayam , Erode.

It was a wonderful experience for Konangal being with one of the finest schools of Tamil Nadu.The outreach programme on 22.02.2007 at Erode Kalaimagal Kalvi Nilayam , an household name at Erode, has further enthused us to take up the screening of films, as a process of sensitisation, particularly among children. It is sad that we could screen the film "Children of Heaven" only to over 690 students in a school which has a total strength of over 6000 and 250 members of staff.

However, the teachers and the management of the school have acknowledged that this was an enthralling exposure to them and the students. Their resolve to see only good cinema and to nurture such values which will groom the children as humane and socially responsible, has humbled us.
The School Correspondent and Managing Trustee Mrs S. Mangalavathy, in her letter addressed to Konangal has stated that " This film is a real boon to the school children, to imbibe in them all divine qualities like love, helping elders and parents, tolerance and taking efforts to achieve their goal" She has further added that "We really appreciate the intention of those who are involved in this kind of service to Education".

Konangal submits our sincere thanks to the school, particularly Ms. Mangalavathi, the Correspondent of the school for giving us an opportunity to be in the midst of their historical school.

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