Feb 14, 2007

Fellini's LA STRADA ( 1954 ) - screening on Sunday , 18th Feb 2007

Winner of Oscar award and another 8 wins & 4 nominations. La Strada is Federico Fellini's moving masterpiece. As defined by the title, La strada, or The Road, is an episodic journey in the lives of three outcasts. Zampano travels from village to village with his motorcycle and three-wheeled trailer performing a strongman's feat of breaking an iron chain by expanding his muscular chest. His act requires a helpmate so he purchases Gelsomina from her destitute mother for 10,000 lire. (Zampano's former helpmate had been Gelsomina's sister who had died on the road.) Gelsomina becomes Zampano's slave. With much difficulty she learns to beat a drum, announce his act—"Zam-pan-o is here"—, play the trumpet, and fulfill his sexual needs. Zampano lives in a world of physical appetites, while Gelsomina communicates with the sea, the birds, the flowers. For a while they join a travelling circus where Il Matto, the equilibrist, taunts the brutish Zampano, and counsels Gelsomina in the spiritual. After leaving the circus, their paths once again cross with that of Il Matto. Fellini closes his film with a chilling scene by the sea where Gelsomina had always felt at home.

The impact of the film is the result of Fellini's poetic imagery and not any cinematic tricks. The most apparent cinematic device is the moving camera and beautiful photography of Otello Martelli. Nino Rota's enchanting musical score has since become an international classic. Most important to the effectiveness of the film is the acting. Quinn's performance as Zampano is superb and brought him long overdue acclaim as an actor of stature, and Basehart is a commendable and mischievous Il Matto. Most outstanding of all is the wonderful face and pantomime of Giulietta Masina whose comedic abilities were compared to those of Chaplin and Harry Langdon. - from www.filmreference.com
Language - Italian, Sub Titles - Tamil, Run time - 107 minutes.

You can visit IMDB -Internet Movie Database for your queries.
' La Strada ' : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047528/

Screening at Ramu Dairy , (Behind Bharat Electronics) 100 Ft Road, Tatabad , Coimbatore.

FREDERICO FELLINI (1920 -1993) is the dirctor of ' La Strada ' . This Italian humanist director was among the most intensely autobiographical film directors the cinema has known. Fellini made 25 films. Won the first ever Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for La Strada in 1957. His four movies, Strada, La (1954), Notti di Cabiria, Le (1957), 8½ (1963) and Amarcord (1973) won Oscar awards. Fellini was voted the 10th Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly.

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