May 1, 2013

4th April 2013; Art Documentary : The World's Most Expensive Paintings

Contemplate and Konangal

Screening of Documentary on Art

The World’s Most Expensive Paintings
A BBC documentary – Duration 1 hour.
4th May 2013; 5.45 pm
Contemplate Art Gallery

Art critic and journalist Alastair Sooke explores the remarkable stories behind the Top Ten Most Valuable Paintings in the World. What are the ten most expensive paintings to have been sold at auction? Why do some pay millions for a painting? Who are the buyers? Why is art so valuable?
In seeking the answers to some of these questions, Alastair uncovers stories of scandal, war, exile, revolution, paranoia, and economic turmoil - stories which range from the Holocaust to the discreet banks of Zurich and the boom of Japan in the 1980s.

Alastair Sooke tracks down the ten most expensive paintings to sell at auction, and investigates the stories behind the astronomic prices art can reach. Gaining access to the glittering world of the super-rich, Sooke discovers why the planet's richest people want to spend their millions on art.
Featuring works by Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Klimt and Rubens, Sooke enters a world of secrecy and rivalry, passion and power. Highlights include a visit to the art-crammed home of millionaire author Lord Jeffery Archer; a rare interview with the man at the heart of the sale of the most expensive old master of all time; privileged access to auctioneers Christie's; and a glimpse of the world of the Russian oligarchs.These revelatory journeys allow Sooke to present an eye-opening view of the super wealthy, and their motivations as collectors of the world's great art treasures

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