Jul 23, 2009

26th July 2009 ; Documentaries on Art - 6 How Art Made the World

Documentaries on Art - 6

Documentary presented by
Nigel Spivey
26th July 2009 ; 5.45 pm
Ashwin Hospital Auditorium
Call : 97904 57568


Konangal will be screening first two episodes of the six parts documentary ‘How Art Made the World’ this Sunday.

As part of BBC’s agenda to generate public awareness about art history's relevance to contemporary culture, the five parts documentary series How Art Made the World is a landmark. Host Dr. Nigel Spivey, a Classical Archaeology professor from Cambridge, asserts, over five episodes, that not only have cultures thrived according to their abilities to communicate visually, but also that, through art, we can historically trace human needs and desires because our minds drive us to create images.

Embark on a thrilling journey through time and five continents to the heart of creativity. Fusing social history, politics, science, nature, archaeology and religion, this landmark series unravels a universal mystery - why the world around us looks like it does. Modern-day mysteries are answered by journeying back to the beginning of civilisation via some of the most amazing man-made creations in the world.
A strong narrative thread drives through each film as exciting scientific demonstrations reveal how our minds, and those of our ancient ancestors, relate to art. Beautiful, surprising, compelling and above all, relevant, with a visual ambition worthy of its epic subject-matter, this awe-inspiring adventure will appeal not only to art lovers, but to anyone who has ever wondered about humanity’s place in the world.

The first two episodes combine art history with cognitive science and neurobiology, archaeology, human evolution, and anthropology—interdisciplinary inquiry at its best. Dr. Nigel Spivey narrates, easily moving back and forth between various disciplines to explain the human need for and ability to create representation in two-dimensional images and three-dimensional sculpture. The questions asked move beyond art criticism to explore why humans create certain kinds of images and why certain kinds of representations seem to produce heightened pleasure in our consumption of art.

Episode 1

More Human Than Human

One image dominates our contemporary world above all others: the human body. ‘How Art Made the World’ travels from the modern world of advertising to the temples of classical Greece and the tombs of ancient Egypt to solve the mystery of why humans surround themselves with images of the body that are so unrealistic.

The story, which begins in Austria with the discovery of the Venus of Willendorf, a tiny statue with greatly exaggerated female features, created some 25,000 years ago, chronicles our obsession with the "body beautiful" over the centuries.Episode 2

The Day Pictures Were Born

The discovery of prehistoric cave paintings in the last century led to the shocking realisation that humans have been creating art for over 30,000 years. Episode two reveals how the very first pictures ever made were created, and how images may have triggered the greatest change in human history.

"The Day Pictures Were Born" studies the earliest known cave paintings and the theories behind their creation. Long believed to be simply portraits of hunters' prey, new clues indicate this to not be entirely true. The series follows a lead that claims this art to be depictions of hallucinations experienced during tribal rituals.

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