Oct 14, 2008

17th - 19th Oct 2008 -Wild life and Environment Film Festival

Wild life and Environment
Film Festival

17th - 19th Oct 2008
Kalaiarangam Auditorium
R S Puram , Coimbatore

Admission Free
Call : 9443167773 , 9443039630

A traveling film festival
Presented by Center for Media Studies , Delhi &
Salim Ali Centre , Coimbatore

In 24 days across eight cities including Coimbatore (three day festival in each city), 40 award-winning and Best of CMS VATAVARAN documentaries will be screened, apart from the series of interactive programmes. The focus will be on issues of regional and local concerns.

The subjects are:

* Climate Change
* Environmental Conservation
* Wildlife Conservation
* Livelihoods
* Water
* Nature and People
* Forests

17 October 2008 (Friday)
10.30 am Regisration

Opening Ceremony & Inaugural Film

11.00 am - 12.30 pm Angels in Tigerland: 35 mins/ English/ Suresh Elamon

12.30 pm
Point Calimere - Little Kingdom by the Coast: 25 mins/ English/ Shekar Dattatri

02.00 pm
Source of Life for Sale: 58 mins/ English/ K.P. Sasi

03.00 pm
In God’s Own Country: 28 mins/ English/ Rajani Mani and Nina Subramani

03.35 pm
Wild Dog Diaries: 47 mins/ English/ Senani Hegde (Best of the Festival)

Panaroma on Climate Change
05.00 pm - 06.35 pm
An Inconvenient Truth: 95 mins/ English/ Davis Guggenheim (Courtesy: PVR Nest)

18 October 2008 (Saturday)
Special Screenings for Children
10.00 am
Chasing Butterflies: 24 mins/ Hindi/ Gurmeet Sapal, Hussain Akbar and Pervaiz Alam

10.30 am
Cute Bunny: 2 mins/ Non-verbal/ Dhimant Vyas

10.35 am
The Lion Story: 28 mins/ English/ Nutan Manmohan

11.10 am
Earthworm Castings: 17 mins/ Korean/ YOO Jin-Hee (Best of Green Film Festival, Korea)

11.30 am
King Cobra: 53 mins/ English/ Romulus Earl Whitaker

12.30 pm
Shadows: 3 mins/ Non-verbal/ Vishal Furia

12.35 pm
Point Calimere - Little Kingdom by the Coast: 25 mins/ English/ Shekar Dattatri

Film Screenings for General Public
02.00 pm
Cherub of the Mist: 53 mins/ English/ Naresh Bedi

03.00 pm
Stolen Water: 22 mins/ English/ Prasanth and Daya

03.25 pm
Tiger - The Death Chronicles: 63 mins/ English/ Krishnendu Bose

Panaroma on Climate Change
05.00 pm - 07.00 pm
The Day After Tomorrow: 124 mins/ English/ Roland Emmerich (Courtesy: PVR Nest)

19 October 2008 (Sunday)
Film Screenings
11.00 am
The Policing Langur: 30 mins/ English/ Ajay and Vijay Bedi

11.35 am
A Second Hand Life: 26 mins/ English/ Nutan Manmohan

12.05 pm
Happy Planet: 3 mins/ Non-verbal/ Dhimant Vyas

12.10 pm
A Brush with Death: 18 mins/ English/ Syed Fayaz

12.25 pm
Kanha - Protecting A Paradise: 18 mins/ English/ Shekar Dattatri

02.00 pm
Ways and Words: 26 mins/ Malyalam/ R G Gopanarayanan

02.30 pm
Queen of Trees: 50 mins/ English/ Victoria Stone (Best of the Festival)

04.00 pm - 05.00 pm
Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution Ceremony

Panaroma on Climate Change
05.30 pm - 07.30 pm
Happy Feet: 109 mins/ English/ George Miller and Warren Coleman (Courtesy: PVR Nest).

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