Jul 30, 2007

Cinema Giant Ingmar Bergman dies aged 89



A Legend Passes Away

Ingmar Bergman 1918 - 2007

One of the most legendary filmmakers in cinema history, Ingmar Bergman, died on Monday - 30th July 2007, at his home on Faro island off the coast of Sweden. According to his daughter, Eve, the director of The Seventh Seal and Persona died peacefully in his sleep. He was 89.

The influence and importance of Ernst Ingmar Bergman, who died Monday, to the language and art of cinema remains as solid today as it did when he first splashed onto the international stage some six decades ago. Bergman is undisputed colossus of the 'art' cinema whose work astonished with its recognition of cruelty, death and above all the torment of doubt.

Konangal celebrated this master of Cinema with it's very first one day Film Festival on 11th February 2007 . A retrospective of Ingmar Bergman's three all time classics , Seventh Seal , Hour Of The Wolf and Cries and Whispers were screened at Kasthuri Srinivasan Auditorium. . Again Konangal screened Bergman's ' Wild Strawberries ' on 20th May 2007.

Like Virginia Woolf and James Joyce in literature, Bergman strove to capture and illuminate the mystery, ecstasy and fullness of life, by concentrating on individual consciousness and essential moments. His achievement is unsurpassed. He is one of the few filmmakers that can be spoken of in the same breath with those artists and with other supreme figures of other disciplines. Bergman is at the pinnacle. He is in the pantheon. Without question, Bergman was one of the 20th century's greatest artists.
He was sort of a poet of anguish whose best-known movies were existential meditations on the meaning of life. His films will continue
to inspire the curr
ent and future generations. Bergman will be greatly missed

And now, with his passing at the age of 89, the last legitimate old-school cinematic giant has fallen. He follows other luminaries into the realm of legend, and eventually through time, into the epiphany of myth.

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nk to view Ingmar Bergman's greatest scenes. Remind yourselves of the great Swedish film-maker's finest moments with these clips.

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