Jan 16, 2007

Screening On Sunday 21st Jan 2007

Vittoria De Sica's (Director of 'Bicycle Thief' ) classic UMBERTO D will be screened at 5.45 pm on Sunday,21st January 2007 at Ramu Dairy ( Behind Bharat Electronics) 7th Cross, 100 Ft Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Phone :94430 39630
Run Time :91 minutes. Colour - Black & White.
Language - Italian . Sub titles - Tamil.

The story is about a retired civil servant Umberto D. Ferrari and his dog Flick who are evicted from their Roman pension by a self-absorbed landlady because he has fallen behind with his rent. Forced into the streets, the elderly pensioner feigns illness in order to live rent-free in hospital, tries street begging but lacks the resolve, contemplates -- even tries -- suicide, but his beloved dog distracts him from the explosive passage of the express train. This powerful narrative in the classic social realist style has a universal application regardless of period or cultural setting. It's a monochromatic world of shadow and half-light, often evening and dawn locales rendered in the black and white film stock typical of the neo-realist period. This is Vittoria De Sica's masterpiece.

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